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Reporting channels

Suspicions or factual data of conduct that are in conflict with business ethics can be reported via various channels that are accessible to the employees and cooperation partners of the enterprise as well as other parties. All the reports will be reviewed immediately by a professional and independent cooperation partner – AS Merko Ehitus’s contractual cooperation partner Ernst & Young.

The reporting and information analysis system ensures security, confidentiality and, if so desired, anonymity at every stage of the process. The reports forwarded via the report form, the reporting hotline or e-mail will not be forwarded to Merko – Ernst & Young will only give Merko a summary of the content of reports that need investigation, without any reference to the source of the information. Information will also be kept confidential and used solely for the purposes of solving the relevant incidents by Merko’s managers and the audit committee to whom a report has been made.

Before submitting information, please contemplate the following questions and prepare to answer them as accurately as possible:

  • Where did the incident occur?
  • When did the incident occur?
  • Description of the event
  • Parties related to the incident (names, positions)
  • How did you learn of the incident?
  • Do you have any proof of the occurrence of the incident (is anyone else aware of it, is there any documentary proof)?
  • Do you wish to remain completely anonymous or give your contact details to the independent service provider so that they can contact you for further information or feedback? Your anonymity for Merko will also be guaranteed in this case.


Complete the report form on Merko’s homepage. We assure you that Merko does not record the data entered on the homepage and the information will be automatically forwarded to an independent third party who will analyse the report.



Send an e-mail to and it will be sent directly to an independent third party who will analyse the report.



Reports can be submitted via a 24/7 automatic hotline in Estonian, English, Russian, Latvian or Lithuanian. The call is subject to the ordinary call fee and your report will be recorded by an answering machine. The report will be automatically forwarded to an independent third party, Ernst & Young, who will analyse the report.

Estonia:     (+372) 5622 1221
Latvia:        (+371) 6789 5150
Lithuania: (+370) 5212 5022
Norway:    (+372) 5660 1631


Direct communication is very important and Merko supports trust-based relationships between employees and managers. In the case of a suspicion or explicit knowledge of a violation, we recommend that you talk to your immediate superior, the company lawyer or a member of the Management Board of the company, or directly contact the chairman of the audit committee of AS Merko Ehitus by e-mail to or phone (+372) 650 1250.



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