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  • 12.022013

    Meeting: East Capital


  • 14.022013

    2012 12 months and 4th quarter unaudited interim report

    2012 12 months and 4th quarter unaudited interim report

  • 20.022013

    Meeting: Swedbank


  • 21.022013

    Meeting: H. Lunden Holding AB, SEB Enskilda


  • 01.032013

    Meeting: Danske Capital


  • 14.032013

    Meeting: SEB Enskilda


  • 21.032013

    Meetings: LHV Annual Baltic Investor Tour

    Meetings in Tallinn:
    – LHV
    – North River Capital Partners
    – Harding Loevner
    – Trigon Capital
    – Northern Star
    – Danske Capital
    – SEB


Our objective is to support fair pricing of Merko shares through constant and continued distribution of information to all market operators. Moreover, our objective is to maintain the loyalty of existing shareholders towards the company and to create interest in new shareholders and analysts.

The company shall not hold meetings with analysts or presentations for investors immediately before the dates of disclosure of financial reporting (interim reports, annual report). AS Merko Ehitus communicates regularly with its larger shareholders and potential investors and, if requested, holds meetings. The information presented in these meetings is public, i.e. available from the company’s reports, website or other public sources. We carefully monitor insider information rules during these meetings.