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Communication with the public

As the publicly traded company we follow the regulations of Tallinn Stock Exchange in disclosure of the information and disclose the significant information regarding the activities of the company immediately, if we are adequately sure in its correctness and in that the disclosure of information is not damaging the interests of the company or its partners. We disclose the significant information regarding the company through the stock exchange system and on the website of the company generally after the end of the trading day. Please find AS Merko Ehitus disclosure policy here.

We pursue to share public information of the objects to be completed by Merko Ehitus, their stages of construction, also cooperation and sponsorship in the sectors of sport, education and culture.

We pursue to answer the questions asked by the journalists correctly and at first chance, by following the stock exchange rules and contractual obligations of keeping the business secret. If the information required can not be forwarded in full, we provide the reasons why it is impossible. The material fact errors occurring in media about the company and the employees will be corrected at first chance. We proceed from the rules of press ethics in communication which stipulates the giving of floor to all parties in the article to be published.