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Construction of a public space at the city centre of Kuressaare


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




Within the framework of the contract, the technical networks and street lighting of the town square shall be upgraded, a market hall, meat store and fountain shall be built, and new paving shall be installed. A terrace shall be added to the town hall of Kuressaare, and public toilets shall be built.
The construction works to be performed within the framework of the contract are a part of the project for the modernisation of the public space at the city centre of Kuressaare, the direct objective of which is the creation of an inviting, modern and presentable public space that is focused on displaying the historical heritage at the centre of Kuressaare, with great conditions for offering catering and commercial services and organising various events, and which would create a pleasant and safe environment and activities for persons of all ages throughout the year.

Kuressaare Vallavalitsus (Kuressaare Municipality Government)
Name of the project:
Construction of a public space at the city centre of Kuressaare
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Transportation; land reclamation and landscaping
Projekt Kuubis OÜ
TO Projekt OÜ
Description of work:
New building; reconstruction
Tallinna mnt, Lossi str, Kiriku str, Torni str, Kuressaare
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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