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Hotel Tallink Hotel Riga


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




The construction of the Tallink Hotel Riga lasted for 18 months. The historical façade of the building designed in 1897 by the well-known architect K. Felsko was renovated in the course of the work. The scale of the hotel fits perfectly into the style of Riga Old Town. The hotel on Elizabetes street, Riga, features 256 guest rooms, three elevators, an underground car park, a beauty parlour and wellness centre, lobby-bar, restaurant and six conference rooms. Along with construction work, the furniture and furnishings were also procured from SIA Merks, a subsidiary of Merko in Latvia.

The construction work was further complicated by the fact that the site was bordered on two sides by adjoining buildings and on one side by a single 5-storey building with a façade of value in terms of heritage conservation. The construction of the underground car park for the entire surface area of the hotel site was a huge challenge. After discussions with both top Estonian and Latvian experts in geotechnology and construction technology, an optimal solution was found. On 90% of the site perimeter, a wall built of crossing piles was used. In some places, it was possible to anchor it with earth anchors, but there were also places where it was not feasible due to underground utility lines and cellars of the adjoining buildings. Along the wall of one adjoining building, the injection of soil had to be used and the foundation of the building with historical façade was reinforced with slanted micropiles. The work was further complicated by the fact that the plot was situated on the site of an old riverbed and the flow of soil water into the trench was about ten times heavier than in the surrounding area. Special solutions had to be determined in order to lower the level of water.

Happy Trails Ltd.
Name of the project:
Hotel Tallink Hotel Riga
Type of construction:
Hotel, welfare, healthcare institutions
Uldis Mazais
Interior architect:
Meelis Pressi Arhitektuuriburoo Ltd.
Statio Architecture Ltd.
Description of work:
New building
Elizabetes str 24, Riga
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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