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Aruküla 300/110/20 kV substationJärsi village, Raasiku, Harjumaa

The reason for building a new 330/110/20 kV substation in Aruküla was a fully depreciated old 220/110/10 kV substation. The old Aruküla substation was the only unrenovated substation powering Tallinn. It was a turnkey project which means that scope of the contract includes design work, delivery, installing and setup of all devices, adjustment works, etc., and that the substation must be handed over to the end-client in a fully working and energized state. The work comprised the installing of new 330/110/20 kV bay devices together with 110 kV overhead line works, and the const- ruction of new control and emergency systems. The new control system building got protection and emergency system computers. Also a new bore well, and sewerage and firewater fountain systems were established. The old 220 kV substation was demolished after the completion of new substation. Today the new Aruküla 330/110 kV substation provides electricity for nearly half of Tallinn, and a substantial part of electricity going to and coming from Estlink travels through Aruküla 330 kV systems.

AS Elering
Name of the project:
Aruküla 300/110/20 kV substation
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Description of work:
New building
Järsi village, Raasiku, Harjumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
330kV AIS 6 bays/110kV AIS 13 bays/Gross area 380 m2