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Complex of multi-dwelling residential buildings and administrative buildingsKauno str 16/Algirdo str 42, Vilnius

The complex of buildings is constructed on a triangular-shaped parcel of land which is located at the edge and on the two sides of which there are Kauno and Algirdo streets and on the one side of which there are new buildings, namely a hotel and residential houses.  A complex of multi-dwelling residential buildings with a part of commercial premises and a two-storeyed underground car park. The complex consists of nine four-storeyed, nine-storeyed and eleven-storeyed houses with an internal yard. Тhe underground two-storeyed car park is constructed under the whole parcel of land. The buildings’ facades from the street sides are of different colours, aerated, whereas the facades from the yard side are daubed and painted; plastic windows; the front windows made of aluminum structures, terraced roofs.

UAB Prodo
Name of the project:
Complex of multi-dwelling residential buildings and administrative buildings
Type of construction:
Residential buildings; Business, office and administrative buildings
Raimondas Pilkauskas
Description of work:
New building
Kauno str 16/Algirdo str 42, Vilnius
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Gross area 41,098 m²; volume of the building 132,820 m³; height of the building 15.8-36.8 m


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