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Construction of Kiisa substation 10kV, 110kV and 330kV connection pointsTõdva village, Saku, Harjumaa

The goal of the expansion of the 330/220/110/35/10kV Kiisa substation, fully renovated in 2010, was to establish connections for the new 250 MW Kiisa emergency power plant. The contract called for one 330kV duplex cell, one 110kV simplex cell and two 10kV local power plant cells to be designed and constructed. The new power plant will start to feed the Estonian power grid at a 140 MW capacity through the 330kV cell and the 110kV cell will feed the grid at 110 MW capacity. The construction work took place in a substation with live equipment, due to which great emphasis was placed on planning the work and worker safety. The cell construction work included earth moving, laying foundations and subframes for the equipment, installation of equipment, connecting of cables and configuration and connections with the existing substation. Two separate 12 m² lightweight panel buildings along with cable basements were built for the plant’s own 10kV equipment.

AS Elering
Name of the project:
Construction of Kiisa substation 10kV, 110kV and 330kV connection points
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Power infrastructure
Description of work:
Tõdva village, Saku, Harjumaa
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
330kV switchgear with 1 duplex bay / 110kV switchgear with 1 simplex bay