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Residential building Vilneles slenisPakrascio str 20, Vilnius

Vilneles slenis residential development project features six 4–6-storey apartment buildings. All 221 apartments have spacious balconies and top floor residents can enjoy roof terraces offering views to Belmontas hills and river. The apartments of the energy class A+ buildings are equipped with air-recuperation system, which provides fresh air and ensures inconspicuous air distribution. Underground parking includes bicycle storage rooms and charging stations for electric cars.
Building constructions: foundations – bored poles, parking – monolithic, terrestrial bearing structures: walls – single-layer, three-layer prefabricated products, precast slabs / beams / stairs – prefabricated reinforced concrete products, showcases – aluminum constructions, windows – wooden, apartment doors – armored, outside doors – aluminum, metal, roof – flat not being used and used for the installation of terraces.

Vilneles slenis is located in the unique “architectural park” territory, initiated by Vilnius city municipality, offering a connection between Old Town and nature. It will be part of a new modern district with well-developed infrastructure and community.

More information:

UAB MN projektas
Name of the project:
Residential building Vilneles slenis
Type of construction:
Residential building
Emilis Petkevicius
UAB Vilniaus Architekturos Studija
Description of work:
New building
Pakrascio str 20, Vilnius
Beginning of the project:
Completion year:
Characteristic feature:
Gross area 22,547.04 m2; volume of the building 84,818 m3; height of the building 19.55 m; six 4-, 5- and 6-storey buildings; total of 221 apartments