Kоммерческие риски

The group takes calculated risks for the purpose of increasing revenue. The biggest business risks relate to the entry of Merko Ehitus to new markets and segments, the management of existing inventories and investments and the execution of awarded construction contracts. One of the peculiarities of construction activities is the fact that the execution of the contracts concluded is a long-term process, making the sector inert to changes in the economic environment. Due to this, both positive and negative changes in the economic environment reach the construction industry with a lag of approximately 12-18 months.

Operating in several different markets requires orientation in the environments of various countries. The main areas of attention are the cyclicality attributes of different economies and legal, cultural and political differences. The objective of Merko Ehitus is to grow in existing markets. When entering new markets, the company thoroughly studies local customs and peculiarities before making final investment decisions and makes sure that the environment is sufficiently stable and a competent team is assembled.

From the investments point of view, the main risks relate to the portfolio of properties and implementation of property development projects. Merko Ehitus carries out real estate development projects as an integrated process, comprising all activities from the acquisition of the property, proceedings related to the detailed plan, handling design and construction and finally sale of finished apartments to the customer and warranty service. The group uses standard policies for implementing real estate development projects in order to ensure the use of best practices that the entire group has accumulated over years. Merko Ehitus continuously analyses its existing inventory of land with development potential to ensure that the portfolio contains a sufficient number of properties to carry out developments suitable to the market. Investments in new properties or projects of more than EUR 3 million are decided on the supervisory board level of subsidiaries and then further approved by the supervisory board of the group.


Коммерческая деятельность в условиях пандемии коронавируса COVID-19