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Electrical construction business has joined Connecto

Pursuant to the agreement entered into at the beginning of June, Merko Ehitus Eesti AS acquired a stake in the company Connecto Eesti AS – the designer, builder and provider of maintenance for telecommunications, electricity, and gas networks.

The permission of the Estonian Competition Authority required for the transaction to enter into force has been obtained, and as of 1 July, the electricity construction business, which had been a part of Merko Infra, has now joined Connecto. Electrical services will henceforth be offered jointly under the Connecto trade mark.

While Merko has previously focused mainly on high-voltage civil engineering works in the field of electrical construction, Connecto also offers services in the areas of low- and medium-voltage electricity networks and telecommunications and gas networks, in addition to high-voltage services. Following the merger, the company will employ more than 300 specialists in the designing, construction and maintenance of telecommunications, electricity, and gas infrastructure.