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Merko and Kapitel continue as Tennis Association gold sponsors


The Estonian Tennis Association extended its cooperation agreement with the two gold sponsors, Merko Ehitus and Kapitel (formerly known as E.L.L. Kinnisvara) for three more years. Merko is focusing on support for Estonian pro tennis and international tournaments, while Kapitel is supporting the youth team members.

“Estonian tennis is in the best possible shape, both at the elite and the amateur level, and juniors as well as adult players. In recent years, new indoor tennis halls and tens of outdoor courts have been established, creating a favourable environment for pursuing tennis. At the pro level, we’re all rooting for Anett Kontaveit, Kaia Kanepi and Jürgen Zopp in their appearances. Younger tennis players have had good performances at the international Tennis Europe and ITF tournaments,” said general secretary of the Estonian Tennis Association, Allar Hint.

Three years ago, the Estonian Tennis Association signed its agreement with Merko Ehitus and the real estate company then known as E.L.L. Kinnisvara. Under the agreement, the companies provide more than 100,000 euros for tennis each year. With the extension of the agreement between the Estonian Tennis Association and the companies, Merko and Kapitel will continue providing the same level of support for the next three years as gold sponsors.

The biggest construction company in the Baltics, Merko Ehitus, is focusing on supporting Estonian pro tennis at the adult level and organizing international tournaments, including a contribution allowing the top men’s tennis player, Jürgen Zopp, to develop his game further and, in late July, the Merko Estonian Open in Pärnu. “In three years, Merko Open has become more popular and become a fixture in the tennis calendar. The Pärnu tournament is one of the biggest draws, attendance wise, among tennis competitions,” said Hint. “Last year’s Merko Open was especially memorable, as the tournament was won by Zopp and Kanepi respectively, and I’m glad cooperation with sponsors is continuing and the summer tournament can continue in future.”

“In our cooperation with the Tennis Association, we focus on supporting top Estonian tennis players, who are a role model for young athletes and amateurs and who especially lately have been particularly exciting to watch for sports fans. The international tournaments held in Estonia give athletes the practice they need and help popularize tennis,” said chairman of the management board of AS Merko Ehitus, Andres Trink.

Kapitel, formerly known as E.L.L. Kinnisvara, is among the biggest real estate companies in the Baltics. Kapitel supports youth team members who have shown motivation to train at a top level with potential for reaching the pro tours. “Thanks to support from E.L.L. Kinnisvara, our young tennis players have been able to enter international tournaments,” said Hint. “Going to play abroad is extremely important for the development of young athletes, because they can put themselves to the test and try out their calibre of play away from their home environment.”

“Kapitel is glad to be a long-time supporter of tennis as a very popular sport. We help young tennis players, as they do not just need willpower and constant training but also funding to reach the top. The Estonian Tennis Association has done a praiseworthy job in assisting young athletes and finding sponsors for them,” said chairman of the management board of Kapitel, Taavi Ojala.