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Ämari Air Base


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

In April 2008, the Ministry of Defence declared the first and most extensive construction procurement for the renovation works of Ämari Air Base, co-financed by the Republic of Estonia and NATO, in order to reconstruct the movement area of the air base. The movement area projects amounted to 70% of the scope of the works to be conducted at the Ämari Air Base through joint funding from NATO and the Republic of Estonia, and these works included the renovation and construction of a runway, taxiways, aprons, lighting system and arrestor gears. The construction and renovation works of the movement area of Ämari Air Base started in October 2008 and the runway of the NATO air Forde base was ceremonially opened on 15 September 2010. The construction works of the movement area were completed on time.

The Ämari air base brought Merko Ehitus project manager Tiit Joost the title of Builder of the Year 2010. The object was different from all other objects completed in 2010 in Estonia, considering the faultless quality of construction, its singularity, dimension and social significance. In the case of this object, it was separately emphasized that various special and security requirements had to be met and it demanded international co-operation and extensive logistics. Economical and environmentally friendly attitude when recycling construction materials was considered very praiseworthy.

Kaitseministeerium (Estonian Ministry of Defence)
Name of the project:
Ämari Air Base
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Cooperation partner:
Koger ja Partnerid AS
Description of work:
New building
Ämari, Vasalemma, Harjumaa
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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