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Art Museum of Estonia


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

The new Art Museum was opened to the public in February, 2006. The most significant fact that deserves mentioning in connection with the KUMU project is the use of several new and unusual technologies and materials. The tunnel with a height of 9 metres that takes visitors to the Museum was a true challenge in itself. Basically, to a great extent it was to do with an underground building (about two-thirds of horizontal surfaces are “under the ground”), which meant for instance, that it required the installation of about 10,000 square metres of flashing as well as many other works that might not be visible at first sight.

Proceeding from the first case and uniqueness of KUMU Art Museum we had to use the special solutions for the inner climate, security and guarding systems to guarantee the maintenance of cultural values. The establishing of the museum building to the semi-arched hole made in 24-metre limestone steep involved the unique need in our construction practice – consider the serious danger of radiation both in planning, construction and also later exploitation. The vertical 12-15 m high corridor between the dictynema outcrop (clay mixed with petrified and organic substance) located under the cut limestone layers and 0.5 m thick museum wall is operating, in addition to the collection of drainage waters, also as the channel of radon collection and is air-swept just as the remaining rooms of the building. The thickness of the planned and performed ferroconcrete constructions guarantees the safety of the employees and visitors of the museum.

The KUMU Art Museum building won a special construction prize at the Concrete Building of the Year competition in 2005.

Kunstimuuseumi Ehituse SA
Name of the project:
Art Museum of Estonia
Type of construction:
Education, culture, sports buildings
Pekka Vapaavuori
Description of work:
New building
Weizenbergi str 34/Valge str 1, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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