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Bridge of Rannu-Jõesuu


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




The composition of works was the following: construction of a new bridge (arched bridge with a 90 m span), construction of access drives for the new bridge (1.1 km), repair of the existing bridge and access drives/(altogether 0.5 km), relocation of the pole-mounted substation and reconstruction of power lines (0.4 km). Besides the requirements of the environmental authority, also restrictions set by nature had to be taken into account, such as the time of birds hatching and fish reproduction. As for construction, we stuck to a classic version – mounting in its proper place; three pairs of temporary river supports were countersunk for this purpose. Parts prepared at the factory were brought to the construction site and hoisted in their place with the help of crane lorries. At this point, the framework was fixed and everything else necessary had to be “hanged” on it. During concrete casting, the steel structures of the bridge “behaved” according to the calculation scheme. Hydro-insulations, asphalts and barriers followed. The construction was finished with a load test, which was carried out at the limit of the calculated load bearing capacity of the bridge, and the result was completely positive – the sag was even some millimetres smaller than the calculation had showed. Then the repair and reconstruction works of the old bridge started; access drives also required some redesign.

Pärnu Teedevalitsus (Pärnu Road Administration)
Name of the project:
Bridge of Rannu-Jõesuu
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Cooperation partner:
Tallinna Teede AS
Description of work:
New building
Tartu-Viljandi maantee
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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