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Extension of the Sindi 330kV substation


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




In the course of the extension of the substation, a new 330kV line compartments will be built in the substation, a power transformer foundation with an oil separation system will be built, relay protection and automation systems will be installed, 20kV reactors will be installed and a new 330kV transformer procured by Elering will be installed. The works also include the construction of ground circuit, lightning protection system, outdoor lighting, fence and roads. Substation expansion is carried out by the turnkey method, which means that in addition to the design and construction work, all the necessary equipment is supplied, installed, adjusted, tested and energized.

In addition to strengthening the power connection between Estonia and Latvia, the extension of Sindi substation will increase Elering’s capacity to regulate voltage, i.e. to ensure the quality of electricity in the Pärnu region. Two 330kV overhead lines will be connected to the line compartment to be constructed, one of which will go to the Sopi substation near the Tootsi settlement and the other via Lihula to the Harku substation near the Tallinn.

Elering AS
Name of the project:
Extension of the Sindi 330kV substation
Energy supply
Type of construction:
AS Merko Infra
Description of work:
Urge village, Tori rural municipality, Pärnu County
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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