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Industrial building with administrative and storage premises in Kaunas


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

Continental plans to increase production capacity in Kaunas and will soon undertake a development project with an investment budget of more than 90 million euros. Construction will take place in two phases: first, additional space will be built on the north side of the plant, and the second phase will expand the part of the plant on the east side.

Building plan for new part ~ 73 x 85 m, total height ~ 13 m, attached to the current building. Also, a technical penthouse for engineering systems is planned. The plan contains main rooms: expansion of the current production hall with an additional 5,250 m². Total production room area should become ~ 12,200 m². About 820 m² of the building will consist of the administrative part of the building. The rest of the building will be a technical room.

Continental Automotive Lithuania
Name of the project:
Industrial building with administrative and storage premises in Kaunas
Type of construction:
Industrial buildings
UAB stART studio
Chief Designer:
UAB Baltic Engineers
Description of work:
New building; Reconstruction
Davalgonių str. 12, Sergeičikų I village., Karmėlavos eldership, Kaunas district
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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