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Iru Waste-to-Energy power unit WTE


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

The work performed by Merko Ehitus Estonia included the general construction and building systems for the WTE plant, including the ventilation and electrical work. In total, it took 7,000 m³ of reinforced concrete and over 3,000 tonnes of construction steel to complete the plant. We also designed and built a number of auxiliary systems, such as a pressurized air system and an industrial wastewater cleaning system. Merko’s contract also included design of the high- and medium-voltage parts and installation work. Among other things, Merko also built a truck scale and access system, all fire alarm systems and an access road from the brand-new traffic junction on the Saha-Loo road. From the construction aspect, Iru waste-to-energy plant was a complicated and extraordinary project already because it is only the second such plant in the three Baltic states. As the heart of the plant is its waste incineration and energy production buildings, the design and construction of the buildings stemmed mainly from technological needs, measurements, loads and the schedule for installation. The building’s volume is densely filled with various industrial machinery, and it rendered 3D design critical. The 3D design was made in collaboration with CNIM. One of the most complicated challenges was the design and assembly of the steel frame of the boiler plant, which had to fit between and around massive pieces of machinery with literally only a millimetre to spare in many places. The ventilation systems required special attention, as an unusually high amount of heat is emitted into the building, occasioning the need for large amount of air exchange. Ventilation of the Merko-designed waste hopper and the Merko-installed active air filters are extremely important for normal functioning of the building, ensuring that the air released into the atmosphere is at the required level of cleanliness. The biggest challenge, technologically speaking, was the construction of the base for the steam turbine, where the permissible amount of deviation was extraordinarily small. The geometric shape was also very complicated and a number of assembled components had to be encased in concrete within it.

Constructions Industrelies De La Mediterranee S.A
Name of the project:
Iru Waste-to-Energy power unit WTE
Type of construction:
Industrial buildings
Description of work:
New building
Peterburi tee 105, Maardu
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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