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Municipal and social buildings in Iru


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

In spring 2006 Merko Ehitus finished construction works of a municipal building with altogether 224 flats (including 11 flats for disabled persons and 2 group flats) and 82 parking places. The construction period coincided with the peak of the tight labour market and deficiency in construction materials, strained by a tight time schedule. Very often there was even a shortage of suitable Fibo cinder blocks. Floor construction of the ground floor of the building can be outlined as a special solution. Dictynema or argillite separating radioactive gas – radon stratifies in the region of the ancient valley of the Pirita River. In order to prevent gas entering living rooms, there is a piping system built under the floor of the ground floor the task of which is to collect gas from under the floor and to direct it into the air via a chimney going to the roof. A special radon blocking film layer was installed under the floor that should block radon from spreading thought the floor structure and entering rooms.

Tallinna Elamumajandusamet (Tallinn Housing Economy Department)
Name of the project:
Municipal and social buildings in Iru
Type of construction:
Other public buildings
Jüri Irik
Interior architect:
Andres Siim
Description of work:
New building
Hooldekodu tee 21 and 23, Iru, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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