Culture and art heritage

Exhibition and book “100 Buildings – One Hundred Years. Estonian History in Buildings 1918–2017”

For the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs and the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia compiled an exhibition and published a book titled 100 Buildings – One Hundred Years.Estonian History in Buildings 1918–2017. Seven projects built by Merko were selected as the most characteristic of their respective year of completion. These were the reconstructed Rotermann Salt Storage (1996), Ühispank main building (1999), KUMU Art Museum (2005), Tartu Road link road with car park and twin towers (2007), Ämari Air Base traffic area (2010), Ülemiste traffic junction (2013) and Tondiraba Ice Hall (2014).

We supported the preparation of the exhibition and the publication of the book.

Photos: Kalev Lilleorg and Raivo Tiikmaa