Education and aftergrowth

Merko scholarship 2014

Since 2007, we have recognised engineering students and young lecturers at TalTech with scholarships to help secure the future of the construction industry and to provide better education to future professionals.

The 2014 young researcher scholarship was awarded to Professor Hendrik Voll, Head of the Chair of Heating and Ventilation at the Tallinn University of Technology, who has achieved exemplary results in popularising his specialist field at the university. In addition to finding new students, he has contributed to improving the content and quality of their teaching. Voll is co-author of the professional textbook Energy Consumption and Indoor Climate in Buildings, which is used by almost all universities and helps many designers and consultants in the field. He has developed innovative subjects and helped modernise the chair’s curriculum. Under the leadership of Voll, a unique laboratory was set up for the analysis of solar and diffuse radiation, and a new ventilation laboratory is being prepared at MEKTORY. Voll is the author of several high-level scientific publications, he is a valued colleague and lecturer.

The engineering scholarship was awarded to Jakov Ivanov, a fourth-year student in the same field. In addition to his daily studies, he has assisted doctoral students in various research projects, participated in BUILDT workshops and improved his skills in BIM. Jakov is actively involved in music and sports, and is interested in photography and philosophy.

Beginning of the project:
End of the project: