Education and aftergrowth

Merko scholarship 2017

Since 2007, we have recognised engineering students and young lecturers at TalTech with scholarships to help secure the future of the construction industry and to provide better education to future professionals.

The 2017 young researcher and lecturer scholarship was awarded to Endrik Arumägi, who is leading a project at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) on near-zero energy residential buildings to develop standard solutions and demonstration projects for the construction of sustainable apartment buildings, terraced houses and small houses.

The engineering scholarship was awarded to Risto Häelme. Good learning outcomes, strong will, discipline and commitment are keywords that characterise Risto’s student career. The Merko team sees him as a brilliant young engineer with broad horizons and a great ability to learn, and the inner passion and desire to develop. He is certainly a person who likes construction, who is quick-witted, involved and always knows his own mind.

Beginning of the project:
End of the project: