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The winner of the grand award of Merko’s best partner recognition campaign, SA.MET, received its brand-new Toyota Hilux


Merko’s cooperation with AS SA.MET, a company building technical utility systems inside buildings, extends to nearly 15 years. In the course of this, the art museum KUMU, Tondiraba Ice Hall, hotels Tallink, Tallink SPA and Hilton Tallinn Park and several office and apartment buildings have been completed. In 2017, SA.MET was chosen as the best partner of Merko at the Merko’s Noblessner residential quarter, Tartu mnt 52 residential quarter and Tapa barrack sites.

Some 180 companies from Estonia took part in the partner recognition campaign organised by Merko in the Baltics in 2017, of whom 66 were selected by the site teams as the quarter’s best and 11 companies were credited at several Merko’s sites or at one site many times in a row.

The partners who participated in the recognition campaign were evaluated by Merko’s project teams. The criteria for the selection of the best were adherence to work schedule, professionalism, and readiness for cooperation, quality of performance of work, meticulousness in following procedures, lack of state and local tax arrears, operating according to good building practice and valid legislation and regulations, and wearing properly marked uniforms, corresponding to requirements, at the construction site.

The winner of the grand award, a two-year lease on a Toyota Hilux, was announced at the topping-out ceremony of T1 shopping and entertainment centre T1 Mall of Estonia, held in October 2017.