The distribution of dividends to the shareholders of the company is recorded as a liability in the financial statements as of the moment when the payment of dividends is approved by the company’s shareholders. According to the current dividends policy the objective is paying the shareholders 50-70% of the annual profit.

The annual general meeting of shareholders of AS Merko Ehitus held at 6 May 2020 approved the Supervisory Board’s proposal not to pay dividends from net profit brought forward to shareholders. In 2019 the total amount of dividend paid was EUR 17.7 million (EUR 1.00 per share), which is equivalent to a 92% dividend rate and a 10.9% dividend yield for the year 2018 (using the share price as at 31 December 2018).

In the past five years, the shareholders have received dividends from the net profit of the accounting year as follows:

* Using share price as at 31.12.

Dividend payments are carried out in the next fiscal year in accordance with the decisions of the general meeting of the shareholders, regarding the previous fiscal year.