Shareholders of AS Merko Ehitus as at 30.06.2021 and change compared to the previous quarter

Number of shares % of total
% of total
AS Riverito12,742,68671.99%71.99%
OÜ Midas Invest366,0002.07%1.99%14,500
Firebird Republics Fund Ltd317,0001.79%1.83%(6,300)
Firebird Avrora Fund Ltd178,0671.01%1.01%
SEB Life and Pension Balric SE Estonian Branch148,7870.84%0.84%
Siseinfo OÜ130,0000.73%0.73%
Clearstream Banking AG114,0300.64%0.63%1,800
Firebird Fund L.P.103,7210.59%0.59%
Seitse Samuraid OÜ100,0000.56%0.56%
Sven Einar Stefan Andersson80,0000.45%0.54%(16,410)
Total largest shareholders 14,280,29180.67%80.71%(6,410)
Total other shareholders 3,419,70919.33%19.29%6,410

Current shareholder list of AS Merko Ehitus is available at the website of the Estonian Central Securities Depository: