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Lidl commence construction of logistics centre in Latvia


Today, on 19 October, Lidl, one of the largest retailers in Europe, and the construction company “Merks” officially commence the construction of the Lidl logistics centre in Latvia. Planned investments in the development of the logistics centre exceed 55 million euro. The company, which aims to offer consumers high quality products at the lowest possible price, is preparing for entry into the local market which will contribute to the economy of the country with new jobs, taxes for the treasury, and industry competition which could have a positive influence on the overall retail market.

“We have decided to operate here and to offer the best quality for the best price for the residents of Latvia. At the moment we are at the preparatory stage, and the logistics centre will be the heart of “Lidl Latvija”. It will ensure fast and effective delivery of products to Lidl stores across Latvia, which will allow us to offer competitive prices and high quality of products. The centre will create hundreds of new jobs, as well as cooperation opportunities for transport and freight companies. It will be a significant contribution to the economy of Latvia,” said Radostin Roussev-Peine, CEO of “Lidl Lithuania”, responsible for development in Latvia and Estonia.

Lidl, a company that consistently opts for building rather than renting sales space, prides itself with modern, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions. The logistics centre located at Ulbrokas Street and occupying 47 thousand square meters will be one of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced logistics centres in the Baltic States. Construction plans provide for the development of a warehouse and adjacent administration building with support facilities and infrastructure. Construction works have been entrusted to the LLC (SIA) Merks, and the contract price amounts to 42.5 million euros (excluding VAT), but the company plans investments in the amount of around 15 million euros for the purchase of equipment. Commencement of construction works is scheduled at the end of October 2018, but completion is planned in 2020.

“We are happy to take on jobs that let us grow professionally. Lidl has set very high standards for their buildings in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency, and implementation of innovations, and the precise implementation of these standards will be a good challenge for our team of professionals. The construction of the logistics centre will be led by experienced Merks colleagues that have already proven themselves in implementing large and complex projects. We, together with our partners, will create a building that will completely satisfy the future growth requirements of our client, at the same time putting the surrounding environment in order so that the project also benefits local residents and the city,” states Oskars Ozoliņš, Chairman of the Board of SIA Merks.

The festive ceremony was attended by Arvils Ašeradens, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economics, Rolf Schütte, Ambassador of Germany to Latvia, and Nils Ušakovs, Chairman of the Riga City Council. The Manifest – a special message for the next generations, signed by the guests of the ceremony, as well as a photograph of the currently empty construction site and visualisation of the planned logistics centre in 2020 – was put inside a time capsule.

The capsule encasement ceremony was also attended by Inguss Vircavs, Head of the Riga City Construction Board, Armands Krūze, Director of the Riga City Development Department, Florian Schröder, Chief Executive Officer of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce, Jūlija Sandberga, Chairperson of the Board of the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia, and Andris Ozols, Head of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.A