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Airplane maintenance facility for the Tallinn Airport


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

The airplane maintenance facility of the Tallinn Airport consists of an airplane maintenance hangar in the centre of the facility, and office, storage and workshop areas on three sides. The building stands on socket-type footing on limestone. In places the socket-type footing has been anchored using tension piles. The main building material was prefabricated reinforced concrete frame, the bearing construction was made of prefabricated reinforced concrete posts, and the bearing ferm of the hangar roof of a steel structure (half of the roof rests on the main ferm, which is 90 m in length and 11 m in height). The outer walls of the building are made of panels and the roof is a flat roof with an exterior roof drainage in the hangar part. As for engineering, the most complex part was the hangar enclosure with the height of 26 m and span of 90 m. The western side of the maintenance hangar includes an opening of 90 m in width and 15 m in height that serves as an entrance for planes. The hangar can accommodate three planes at the same time. There are two bridge cranes attached to the hangar ceiling and special communications for airplane maintenance in the floor. The building has modern technical and fi re extinguishing systems. It is also supplied with modern technology for the maintenance and repairing of several types of planes.

AS Tallinna Lennujaam (Tallinn Airport)
Name of the project:
Airplane maintenance facility for the Tallinn Airport
Type of construction:
Industrial buildings
Joonas Sarapuu
Description of work:
New building
Väike-Sõjamäe 1A, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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