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Noblessner’s breakwater


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

What was once the most important submarine construction facility in tsarist Russia has now become a harbour complex open to both the people and the sea. In cooperation with BLRT, Merko has built a modern living environment and designs a public urban space that has become a popular place for Tallinners and visitors to spend time.

Together with the development of Staapli residential quarter, Krusenstern Square and a promenade on quay no. 43 were built, between Estonia’s most seaside apartment buildings and the water line. In 2019, the renovation of Noblessner quay no. 42 and the promenade in front of Kai Art Centre were completed.

To protect the waters of Noblessner marina from the wake generated by large ships sailing between Estonia and Finland and storm surge, a new breakwater quay was built at the entrance of the harbour.

To build the nearly 70-metre long structure, 13-metre-long sheet-pile wall elements were sunk into the sea and anchored to the seabed with 16-metre-long embedded piles at a 1:3 grade. The area behind the quay wall was filled in with limestone and a reinforced concrete girder was established atop the sheet-pile wall. A one-metre-high retaining wall supported by the fill material was built above the pavement surface on the external side of the quay.

The front side of the breakwater has a wooden fender and steel ladders. On the surface of the quay are bollards and water and power posts. A reinforced concrete pavement with a thickness of 140 mm was built on top of the quay. The seaward side of the quay was built with a 1:1.5 grade, and it is stabilized by five-tonne tetrapods.

The construction works on the marina breakwater was performed in cooperation with Insenerehituse AS.

Name of the project:
Noblessner’s breakwater
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Port facilities
Cooperation partner:
Insenerehituse AS
Chief Designer:
EstKonsult OÜ
Description of work:
Peetri str, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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