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Office building Narbuto 5


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

The class A Narbuto 5 Business Residence office building was completed in summer 2017 in the heart of Vilnius city. The 6-storey office building with 4,620 m² of office space for lease will feature modern and compact architecture, “built to suit” office space, advanced technology solutions and value-added amenities. There will be 115 underground parking spaces for the tenants and guests.

The office building is situated in central Vilnius – near key transport lines and the main business area, while just a step away from the peaceful Žvėrynas residential district and the river Neris. Narbuto 5 will feature fast and convenient access to clients and partners, state and municipal institutions, embassies, shopping, sports and entertainment centres.

The Narbuto 5 Business Residence is pursuing BREEAM certification. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the United Kingdom developed method – the world’s highest standard and certification system for sustainable buildings. BREEAM certification is granted to buildings that account for the least adverse impact on the environment. The assessment involves all the building development stages from the project design and throughout the entire construction process. The BREEAM “Very Good” assessment rating will stand for a comfortable, efficient and healthy working environment at the Narbuto 5 Business Residence.

UAB E.L.L. Nekilnojamas turtas
Name of the project:
Office building Narbuto 5
Type of construction:
Business, office and administrative buildings
Gediminas Paslaitis
Chief Designer:
UAB Arūno Paslaičio projektavimo biuras
Description of work:
New building
Narbuto str 5, Vilnius
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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