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Reconstruction and renovation of the Neringa hotel building


Description of work



Time of completion

Civil engineering
Concrete works

Neringa hotel is located on Gediminas Avenue, the main street in the historical part of Vilnius, and the hotel building as well as the famous Neringa restaurant, located on the ground floor of the hotel, have become one of the most significant architectural landmarks in Vilnius. The building is listed in the Register of Cultural Heritage Properties as a single object with the Neringa cafe interior created in 1960, the bas-relief Neringa by Juozas Kėdainis and the wall painting Neringa and Naglis created by Vladas Jankauskas and Vytautas Povilaitis. The restaurant was opened in 1959, and since the first day it opened its doors to the public, the restaurant interior design immediately became a subject for gossip, debates and professional interest throughout the whole former Soviet Union. Neringa instantly became a popular meeting place for bohemians and intellectuals, politicians and artists, teachers and doctors. Even the most prominent and famous personalities of those times, from Lithuania and other countries of the former Soviet Union, gathered there for cigarettes, dinners and drinks. As time passed, Neringa managed to preserve its spirit and style, attracting not only old visitors, but also the younger generation of millennials, locals as well as the honorable guests of the city.

The reconstruction and renovation also include the construction of a new building with an underground parking garage, which will increase the number of hotel rooms from 60 to 119. The historical Neringa restaurant undergoes a renewal, but its appearance will not change significantly, as the interior of the restaurant is under national heritage conservation of Lithuania.

UAB Neringos viešbutis
Name of the project:
Reconstruction and renovation of the Neringa hotel building
Type of construction:
Hotel, welfare, healthcare institution
Alvidas Songaila
Chief Designer:
UAB Renova
Description of work:
Reconstruction; renovation
Gediminas 23, Vilnius
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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