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Tornimäe residential building


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




Merko Ehitus built the polyfunctional tower block of Tornimäe starting from the 5th floor, also the centre of the tower on the floors 0-5 which included the lift shafts and two stairways on each floor and the technical rooms on floor 0 which remained below the tower. The number of apartments in the house is 181. The building has also one apartment through two floors and one apartment covers half of the floor with the area of 220 m². The originality of the apartments is that every room has a cooling, mechanical ventilation in the lavatory of the apartment and a sprinkler. Constructionally the house is made of monolithic ferroconcrete, 6,200 m³ of which was spent for the walls, posts and inserted ceiling starting from the 5th floor. Tornimäe tower block has total of 30 floors and gross area of 16,490 m², the complex of building includes the area allocated for the offices, conference centre, 230-room five star hotel, additionally restaurants, SPA with jacuzzis and saunas.
In the exclusive skyscraper-residential tower of Tornimäe the wind wall installed against the perimeter of the whole building had to be used for the first time for the more effective performance of the concrete works and guarantee of the security of the employees which was the closed wall made of corrugated sheet of the height of 2.5 floors attached to the combined carcass, which could be lifted with the progress of the construction by attaching to the edges of the interim ceilings. The system included also the receipt stages of materials attached to the interim ceilings and the enclosed staircase to get to the inner work front of the wind wall. As an innovation the extended 100-metre vertical, in-building pipeline with the connecting links for the transport of concrete to the work fronts of interim ceilings of the floors was used, the functioning body of which was the concrete pump connected with the lower end of the line.

OÜ Tornimäe Apartments
Name of the project:
Tornimäe residential building
Type of construction:
Residential buildings
Meeli Truu
Description of work:
New building
Tornimäe 3, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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