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Veerenni apartment buildings, stage II


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




As part of the second phase of the Uus-Veerenni development project, by the end of 2020, four three-story, gable-roofed city villas will be built along Veerenni Street, with a separate private floor for each family. Two four-story and two six-story apartment buildings with commercial premises on the first floors will be built along Pille Street. Uus-Veerenni apartment buildings are of B energy class. Dignified and easily maintained materials – brick, glass and steel – are used on the facades of the buildings. The apartments have forced ventilation with heat recovery and space-controlled water floor heating. The control of the indoor climate, passageways and various displays is possible through the automation both from the apartment wall and via the Internet.

There will be landscaped courtyards, cozy rest areas, gazebos and children’s playgrounds between the buildings of Uus-Veerenni. Pille and Tiiu streets will be built for traffic. Parking will be moved under the buildings to the heated parking floor, which will also accommodate storage rooms and bicycle storage. Many apartments have loggias and ground floor apartments have spacious terraces.

The courtyard of the Uus-Veerenni Residential Block won the annual award from the Association of Landscape Architects in the courtyard category in 2020.

Information on sale of apartments and commercial units: merko.ee/veerenni

AS Merko Ehitus Eesti
Name of the project:
Veerenni apartment buildings, stage II
Type of construction:
Residential building
Johann-Aksel Tarbe
Interior architect:
Ahti Peetersoo
AS Merko Ehitus Eesti
Description of work:
New building
Veerenni str 36a and Pille str 9, Tallinn
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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