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Water intake structures and water treatment plants in the Kohtla-Järve region


Civil engineering

Energy supply

Concrete works


Description of work




In the framework of the Kohtla-Järve region water intake structures and water treatment plants project 20 new bore wells (Püssi – 1, Kohtla-Järve – 4, Ahtme – 6, Kurtna Vasavere – 9) were built and 6 bore wells reconstructed (Püssi – 1, Kurtna Vasavere – 5). A 2nd stage pump station in Kurtna Vasavere was reconstructed, in the course of which also clean water reservoirs of 2 x 500 m³ were built. A new 4th stage pressure-increasing pump station together with reservoirs of 2 x 1,000 m³ was built in Kohtla-Järve. A new water treatment plant was built in Ahtme with a maximum throughput of 11,200 m³/day supplying Ahtme city district and the towns of Jõhvi and Kohtla-Järve with water. A new water treatment plant was built in Püssi with a throughput of 270 m³/day. All these facilities are fully automatic, and monitored and controlled remotely. An operaator can control all the pump stations and water treatment plants from one control room.

The project posed many challenges, for example the distance of 45 km between Kurtna Vasavere and Püssi, and the number of objects that had to be worked on at the same time – a dozen buildings in four different towns. The greatest challenge was the activation, setup and initial operation of the water treatment plants. A technical project can become worthless when the technology of the water treatment plant will not operate as planned.

OÜ Järve Biopuhastus
Name of the project:
Water intake structures and water treatment plants in the Kohtla-Järve region
Civil engineering
Type of construction:
Water treatment
Description of work:
New building; reconstruction
Kohtla-Järve, Ida-Virumaa
Beginning of the project:
Year of completion:

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