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“Skanstes Parks” and “Relais le Chevalier” receive the highest awards in the competition “The Best Building of a Year in Latvia 2017”


In the competition “The Best Building of a Year in Latvia 2017” buildings of the 2nd stage in project “Skanstes Parks” gave received the 1st place in category “New Residential Building”, while hotel “Relais le Chevalier” in Kaļku Street 20 got the 3rd place in the category “Reconstruction”.

“Every new, challenging building provides for the “Merks” team an opportunity to acquire new technologies, specific knowledge and creative thinking, in opposite giving a valuable experience for future projects,” says Oskars Ozoliņš, the Chairman of the Board of “Merks”. “We focus on the search of the best solutions in the most complicate building situations, – and a special satisfaction about the given result is getting a rating from the industry professionals. Many thanks to the colleagues for the excellent performance in these projects!”

The hotel “Relais le Chevalier” stood out with especially challenging work conditions – the construction works had to be organized in the heart of the Old Riga, in Kaļķu Street 20, which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage object “Riga Historical Centre.” “Unique glass balcony constructions were built in the hotel and special fireproof tests performed; we used 100t mobile crane for the lifting equipment and placing it on the roof – it wasn’t easy, however the result makes really happy visitors of both – the hotel and the Old Riga”, says Zigmunds Urtāns, project manager. In his team within this project worked Helmuts Ritums, Artūrs Serebreņickis and Jana Gerasimova.

In the 2nd stage of the residential building project “Skanstes Parks” in total there are built 80 new 2-5 room apartments with balconies and terraces, closed car parks, there are established children playgrounds in the territory and publicly available park. “Our experience in the building of residential houses is impressive – more than 1000 families live in homes, built by “Merks”, therefore it is especially important by each new residential project to assure permanently high quality and comfort, appropriate to the requirements of modern city residents,” says the project manager Andris Bišmeistars. In his team within this project worked Janeks Joma, Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs, Toms Bišmeistars, Agnese Trone, Didzis Vīknse, Mārcis Stucis and Andris Pundiņš.

The competition “The Best Building of a Year in Latvia” is organized by the Builders Association and the Latvian Construction Engineer Union in a cooperation with the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, 14 public organizations of the construction industry, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Communication of the “Turība” University. The target of the exposition is to promote the quality of the construction process, determining and popularizing the best buildings and examples of the best practice in a building process in Latvia and abroad, to promote the professional growth and quality of work in the industry and to motivate the representatives of the industry for professional challenges, accentuating the end result of the construction process – the building.