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Merko scholarship 2015

Since 2007, we have recognised engineering students and young lecturers at TalTech with scholarships to help secure the future of the construction industry and to provide better education to future professionals.

The 2015 young researcher scholarship was awarded to Raido Puust, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tallinn University of Technology. Raido gives lectures in four subjects, is a co-supervisor for a doctoral student, and writes scientific publications and reviews. According to those who nominated him, his strengths include his involvement in the creation of interdepartmental subjects. In the spring semester of 2015, he was a co-lecturer in the elective subject “Building Information Modelling BIM (I)” (a collaboration between the Institute of Mechanics and the Institute of Construction Productivity), which proved to be very popular among students. He also plans to develop a similar subject in cooperation with the Roads Institute. Puust has long been involved in introducing e-learning methods to the lecturers of his faculty. In addition to all of the above, he conducts research at the Institute of Mechanics – he is involved in institutional research funding and publishes research results. Puust also helps to develop Erasmus contacts and international cooperation for students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The engineering scholarship was awarded to Kristel Tamm, a fifth-year student of heating and ventilation. According to those who nominated her, Kristel is an active student with excellent academic results, who in addition to having strong skills in logic , is helpful, has good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude to life. She is committed to acquiring new knowledge and professional development. Besides studying, she works as a design technician at IB Aksiaal OÜ and is a member of the Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Kristel wants to continue her studies abroad. The lecturers expressed the hope that she would become an outstanding member of the Estonian Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers.

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